Court of Common Pleas: the National Archives, Cp40 1399-1500

By Jonathan Mackman and Matthew Stevens. The records of this central common law court for the fifteenth century; records held by The National Archives with the class of CP40. Hitherto unpublished, the database was first produced as part of the AHRC-funded 'Londoners and the Law' project (AHRC AR119247). It was further augmented by the 'London women and the economy before and after the Black Death' project (ESRC RES-00-22-3343) and with funding from the Marc Fitch Fund.

Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2010.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Introduction to the edition
Introducing common pleas
Case types
CP40/555: Michaelmas term 1399
CP40/559: Michaelmas term 1400
CP40/560: Hilary term 1401
CP40/562: Trinity term 1401
CP40/563: Michaelmas term 1401
CP40/564: Hilary term 1402
CP40/565: Easter term 1402
CP40/566: Trinity term 1402
CP40/567: Michaelmas term 1402
CP40/568: Hilary term 1403
CP40/569: Easter term 1403
CP40/571: Michaelmas term 1403
CP40/572: Hilary term 1404
CP40/574: Trinity term 1404
CP40/575: Michaelmas term 1404
CP40/576: Hilary term 1405
CP40/577: Easter term 1405
CP40/578: Trinity term 1405
CP40/579: Michaelmas term 1405
CP40/580: Hilary term 1406
CP40/582: Trinity term 1406
CP40/583: Michaelmas term 1406
CP40/585: Easter term 1407
CP40/587: Michaelmas term 1407
CP40/590: Trinity term 1408
CP40/592: Hilary term 1409
CP40/594: Trinity term 1409
CP40/636: Hilary term 1420
CP40/637: Easter term 1420
CP40/638: Trinity term 1420
CP40/639: Michaelmas term 1420
CP40/640: Hilary term 1421
CP40/641: Easter term 1421
CP40/642: Trinity term 1421
CP40/643: Michaelmas term 1421
CP40/644: Hilary term 1422
CP40/645: Easter term 1422
CP40/646: Trinity term 1422
CP40/647: Michaelmas term 1422
CP40/648: Hilary term 1423
CP40/649: Easter term 1423
CP40/650: Trinity term 1423
CP40/651: Michaelmas term 1423
CP40/652: Hilary term 1424
CP40/653: Easter term 1424
CP40/654: Trinity term 1424
CP40/655: Michaelmas term 1424
CP40/656: Hilary term 1425
CP40/657: Easter term 1425
CP40/658: Trinity term 1425
CP40/659: Michaelmas term 1425
CP40/660: Hilary term 1426
CP40/661: Easter term 1426
CP40/662: Trinity term 1426
CP40/663: Michaelmas term 1426
CP40/664: Hilary term 1427
CP40/665: Easter term 1427
CP40/666: Trinity term 1427
CP40/667: Michaelmas term 1427
CP40/668: Hilary term 1428
CP40/669: Easter term 1428
CP40/670: Trinity term 1428
CP40/671: Michaelmas term 1428
CP40/672: Hilary term 1429
CP40/673: Easter term 1429
CP40/674: Trinity term 1429
CP40/675: Michaelmas term 1429
CP40/725: Easter term 1442
CP40/736: Hilary term 1445
CP40/737: Easter term 1445
CP40/738: Trinity term 1445
CP40/739: Michaelmas term 1445
CP40/740: Hilary term 1446
CP40/741: Easter term 1446
CP40/742: Trinity term 1446
CP40/743: Michaelmas term 1446
CP40/744: Hilary term 1447
CP40/745: Easter term 1447
CP40/746: Trinity term 1447
CP40/747: Michaelmas term 1447
CP40/748: Hilary term 1448
CP40/749: Easter term 1448
CP40/750: Trinity term 1448
CP40/751: Michaelmas term 1448
CP40/752: Hilary term 1449
CP40/753: Easter term 1449
CP40/754: Trinity term 1449
CP40/755: Michaelmas term 1449
CP40/756: Hilary term 1450
CP40/757: Easter term 1450
CP40/758: Trinity term 1450
CP40/759: Michaelmas term 1450
CP40/796: Hilary term 1460
CP40/797: Easter term 1460
CP40/798: Trinity term 1460
CP40/799: Michaelmas term 1460
CP40/800: Hilary term 1461