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Horse Hospital, Herbrand Street, Bloomsbury - Image by Duncan Harris

Sources for metropolitan London and other urban centres. For help researching urban history, see our guide to urban history.

Publications catalogue

Title Volume
A Dictionary of London Single volume
A New History of London Including Westminster and Southwark Single volume
A Survey of London. Reprinted From the Text of 1603 Single volume
Additional Material For the History of the Grey Friars, London Single volume
Agas Map of London 1561 Single volume
Analytical Index to the Series of Records Known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664 Single volume
British Society of Franciscan Studies 1 volume
Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls: 1298-1307 Single volume
Camden Miscellany 1 volume
Camden Record Society Old Series 4 volumes
Cardiff Records 5 volumes
Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1188-1274 Single volume
City of London Tithe Assessments 1638-72 Single volume
City of London War Loans 1642 Single volume
City of York, Register of Freemen 2 volumes
Court of Husting, Wills 2 volumes
Early English Text Society 1 volume
Environs of London 4 volumes
Feet of Fines, London and Middlesex 2 volumes
Four Shillings in the Pound Aid 1693/4: the City of London, the City of Westminster, Middlesex Single volume
Glasgow Charters 2 volumes
Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead Single volume
Historical Gazetteer of London Before the Great Fire Cheapside; Parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary Le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane Single volume
Historical Manuscripts Commission 3 volumes
Inquisitions Post Mortem 2 volumes
James De La Feuille's Map of London c. 1690 Single volume
Leake's Survey of the City After the Great Fire of 1666 Engraved By W. Hollar, 1667 Single volume
Livery Companies Commission, City of London 2 volumes
London Hearth Tax 3 volumes
London Marriage Duty Assessment 1695 Single volume
London Record Society 36 volumes
London, Calendar of Letter-Books 11 volumes
London, Plea and Memoranda Rolls 3 volumes
Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries Single volume
Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London Single volume
Middlesex County Records 5 volumes
Middlesex Sessions Records 4 volumes
Morgan's Map of the Whole of London in 1682 Single volume
Ogilby and Morgan's Large Scale Map of the City As Rebuilt By 1676 Single volume
Old and New London 6 volumes
Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database Single volume
RCHME Inventory Volumes 41 volumes
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1 volume
Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh 4 volumes
Records of the Burgh of Glasgow 3 volumes
Records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters Volume I: Apprentices' Entry Books 1654-1694 Single volume
Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis Single volume
St Bartholomew's Priory, Smithfield, Records 2 volumes
St Mary Colechurch: Vestry Minutes 1613-72 Single volume
Survey of London 44 volumes
The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912 Single volume
The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640 Single volume
The Cromwell Association Online Directory of Parliamentarian Army Officers Single volume
The Inhabitants of London in 1638 Single volume
The Rulers of London 1660-1689 A Biographical Record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London Single volume
Two Early London Subsidy Rolls Single volume
University of Manchester Historical Series 1 volume
Victoria County History - Chester 1 volume
Victoria County History - Essex 4 volumes
Victoria County History - Kent 1 volume
Victoria County History - Lancaster 1 volume
Victoria County History - London 1 volume
Victoria County History - Middlesex 10 volumes
Victoria County History - Oxfordshire 1 volume
Victoria County History - Surrey 3 volumes
Victoria County History - Warwickshire 3 volumes
Victoria County History - Worcestershire 1 volume
Victoria County History - Yorkshire 1 volume
Whitehall: Historical and Architectural Notes Single volume