Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London

Edited by C M Clode. Extensive records of the Company, including charters, accounts and ordinances; also includes material relating to the associated schools and charities.

Originally published by Harrison, London, 1875.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Preface v-xi
The Company in 1873-74 xxv-xxxi
Memorials of the Fraternity: I, The Company 1-22
Memorial II: The Yeoman or Batchelor's Company 22-29
Memorial III: The Hall 29-42
Memorial IV: The Chapel at the Hall 42-45
Memorial V: The Church of St Martin Outwich 46-47
Memorial VI: The Almshouses at the Hall 47-48
Memorial VII: Religious Privileges 49-52
Memorial VIII: The Common Box 52-58
Memorial IX: The Manuscript Account Books 58-64
Memorial X: Accounts, 1399-1400 65-69
Memorial XI: Treasury Accounts, 1489-1503 69-81
Memorial XII: Inventory of Jewellery and Plate, 1491 82-83
Memorial XIII: Inventory of Effects, 1512 84-92
Memorial XIV: Inventory of Plate and Effects, 1609 92-96
Memorial XV: The First Grant of Arms, 1480 96-98
Memorial XVI: The Second Grant of Arms, 1586 98-100
Memorial XVII: Payments for Superstitious Uses, 1547 100-109
Memorial XVIII: Precept to the Company, and Certificate of Real and Personal Estate, 1566 109-110
Memorial XIX: Serche made at the Vigil of St Bartholomew 110-113
Memorial XX: The Mace and Yard 114-115
Memorial XXI: The Mayoralty of Thomas Rowe, 1568 115-119
Memorial XXII: Ceremonies upon the election of Masters and Wardens, 1573 120-123
Memorial XXIII: Annual Festivals 123-125
Memorial XXIV: Menu for a Dinner of 1430 126
Memorial XXV: The Bishop's Bible placed in the Hall, 1578 126-127
Memorial XXVI: Minutes of Quarterly Courts, 1564 and 1607 128-131
Memorial XXVIII: The Burial of a Deceased Brother, 1608 131-138
Memorial XXVIII: Precept to provide a Watch, 1571 138-139
Memorial XXIX: Precept to attend the Queen, 1572 139-141
Memorial XXX: The Lottery of 1585 141-143
Memorial XXXI: The Plantation in Virginia, 1609 143-147
Memorial XXXII: The Banquet given to James I, 1607 147-181
Memorial XXXIII: The National Anthem 182
Memorial XXXIV: The Loving Brother of this Mysterie, John Stowe 183-186
Memorial XXXV: John Speed, chronicler 186-187
Memorial XXXVI: Ogilby the poet 187
Memorial XXXVII: Charters of the Company (1326-1465) 188-198
Memorial XXXVIII: Ordinances of the Company, 1507 and 1613 199-227
Memorial XXXVIII: Oaths of the Company, 1507 and 1613 227-239
Memorial XXXIX: Ordinances of the Company, 1661 239-242
Memorial XL: Documents from Town Clerk's Office 242-254
Memorial XLI: Reports of Royal Commissioners on the Company, 1837 254-276
Memorials XLII - LXV: Charities (1412-1599) 277-294
Memorials LXVI - XCII: Charities (1601-48) 295-323
Memorials XCIII - CXIII: Charities (1655- ) 323-336
Memorials of the Institutions: CXIV, St Helen's Bishopsgate with St Martin's Outwich 337-344
Memorial CXV: Holy Trinity, Dalston 345
Memorial CXVI: St Peter's, Limehouse 345-363
Memorial CXVII: Townsend's Lectureship 363-364
Memorial CXVIII: Almshouses formerly on Tower Hill 365-372
Memorial CXVIX: Almshouses at Sion College (1647) 373-376
Memorial CXX: Almshouses of Boones' Foundation (1686) 377-389
Memorial CXXI: The Convalescent Home at Bognor (1872) 389-401
Memorial CXXII: School at Laurence Pountney Hill and Charterhouse (1561 and 1874) 401-455
Memorial CXXIII: Preferments awarded to boys leaving the School 456-479
Memorial CXXIV: Preferments awarded to former Scholars 479-483
Memorial CXXIV: Scholarships and prizes awarded 483-488
Memorial CXXIV: Act for transfer of the School to the Charterhouse 489-492
Memorial CXXIV: The Great Crosby School 492-510
Appendix A: To Memorial I 512-560
Appendix B: To Memorial II 561-565
Appendix C: To Memorial III 565-587
Appendix D: To Memorial VIII 588-596
Appendix E: To Memorial X 596-597
Appendix F: To Memorial XXI 597-617
Appendix G: To Memorial XXXII 617-650
Appendix H: To Memorial XXIV 650-652
Appendix I: To Memorial XXXVIII 652-653
Appendix J: To Memorial XLI 654-658
Appendix K: To Memorial CXIV 658-659
Appendix L: To Memorial CXXII 660-692
Appendix M: To Memorial CXXIII 692-712
Appendix N: To Memorial CXXIV 713
Appendix O: To Memorial CXXVII 714-727
Index to matters 729-734
Index to places 735-737
Index to persons 738-746