Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead

By Eneas Mackenzie. The 'Descriptive and Historical Account of the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne' by the Newcastle author and publisher Eneas Mackenzie. It contains historical and contemporary accounts of the religious, civic, educational and cultural buildings and institutions of the city in the early nineteenth century.

Originally published by Mackenzie and Dent, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1827.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Preface iii-iv
List of subscribers v-x
Historical events: To 1584 1-22
Historical events: 1585 - 1676 23-46
Historical events: 1685 - 1782 47-65
Historical events: 1783 - 1825 66-88
Fortifications and buildings: The castle 89-104
Fortifications and buildings: Town walls and gates 105-117
Religious houses: Nunnery of St Bartholomew 118-123
Religious houses: Black Friars 123-128
Religious houses: The grey friars 128-130
Religious houses: The friars of the sack 130-131
Religious houses: The Carmelites 131-132
Religious houses: The Augustine (Austin) friars 132-134
Religious houses: The priory of St Michael 134-137
Religious houses: St Mary's hospital 137-145
Religious houses: The hospital of St Mary Magdalen 145-149
Religious houses: Chapels 149-152
Religious houses: Maison de Dieu 152-154
Religious houses: Almshouses 154-156
The present state of Newcastle: Situation and boundaries 157-160
The present state of Newcastle: Streets within the walls 160-182
The present state of Newcastle: The eastern suburbs 182-186
The present state of Newcastle: The suburbs of Pandon 186-188
The present state of Newcastle: The suburbs of Pilgrim Street 188-191
The present state of Newcastle: The suburbs of Newgate 191-194
The present state of Newcastle: The suburbs of Westgate 194-196
The present state of Newcastle: The suburbs of the close 196-197
The present state of Newcastle: Improvements projected or effected 197-203
Public buildings: The Tyne Bridge 204-215
Public buildings: The Exchange 215-218
Public buildings: The new prisons 218-224
Public buildings: The county courts 224-229
Public buildings: The Theatre Royal 229-231
Public buildings: The Assembly Rooms 231-232
Public buildings: The Mansion House 232-234
St Nicholas' church: History and architecture 235-255
St Nicholas' church: Monumental inscriptions 256-275
St Nicholas' church: Clergy and lecturers 276-291
All Saints' church: The old church 292-302
All Saints' church: The new church; clergy and lecturers 302-322
St Andrew's church 323-341
St John's church 342-357
Chapels: Church of England 357-362
Chapels: Roman Catholic 362-366
Protestant Dissent: Introduction 367-370
Protestant Dissent: Chapels and meeting-houses 370-414
Institutions for Education: The Royal Free Grammar School 415-443
Institutions for Education: The Trinity-House School 443-445
Institutions for Education: Charity schools 445-451
Institutions for Education: Chapel schools 451-452
Institutions for Education: Other schools 452-455
Institutions for Education: Infant schools 456
Institutions for Education: Sunday schools 457-460
Literary Institutions : Literary and Philosophical Society 461-486
Literary Institutions : The Antiquarian Society 486-487
Literary Institutions : Literary, Scientific and Mechanical Institution 488-490
Literary Institutions : St Nicholas' library 490-496
Literary Institutions : The Medical Library 496-497
Literary Institutions : Other libraries 497-499
Literary Institutions : News Rooms & Debating Societies 499-500
Medical Establishments: The General Infirmary 501-513
Medical Establishments: The Dispensary 513-516
Medical Establishments: The House of Recovery 516-517
Medical Establishments: The lying-in hospital and charities 517-522
Medical Establishments: Infirmary for diseases of the eye 522-524
Medical Establishments: Other hospitals, asylums and the public baths 524-527
Charitable institutions: Hospitals 528-531
Charitable institutions: Legacies 532-539
Charitable institutions: The poor rates and poor-houses 540-545
Charitable institutions: Benevolent societies 546-568
Religious institutions 569-574
Institutions for the Arts & Amusement: The Northumberland Institution 575-590
Institutions for the Arts & Amusement: Musical institutions 590-592
Institutions for the Arts & Amusement: The drama 593-594
Institutions for the Arts & Amusement: Masonic and other lodges 594-598
Institutions for the Arts & Amusement: Other amusements 599-600
The Corporation: Grants and charters 601-611
The Corporation: Officers 611-627
The Corporation: Courts 628-636
The Corporation: Chamberlains and auditors 636-641
The Corporation: Revenue 641-648
The Corporation: Dues and tolls 649-652
The Corporation: Rights and privileges of free burgesses 652-655
The Corporation: Members of Parliament 655-661
Incorporated Companies: Merchant Adventurers 662-670
Incorporated Companies: Other companies 670-678
Incorporated Companies: The fifteen bye-trades 679-698
Incorporated Companies: Companies not of the bye-trades 698-706
Plays 707-709
Public grounds 709-714
Trade and manufactures 715-730
Morals and population 730-735
The river Tyne 736-744
The borough and parish of Gateshead 745-760
Addenda 761-762
Index 763-780
List of embellishments; corrections 781