A Survey of London. Reprinted From the Text of 1603

By John Stow/ Edited by C L Kingsford. John Stow's survey, reprinted from the 1603 edition. Originally in two volumes, here given as one. It also contains a life of Stow, and other supporting biographical materials. Also included is an account of the variants of the 1603 edition as relating to that of 1598, and extensive notes on the text.

Originally published by Clarendon, Oxford, 1908.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Preface iii-iv
Introduction: The life of Stow vii-xxviii
Introduction: The Survey xxviii-xliii
Introduction: Notes on the Stow family xliv-xlviii
Introduction: Documents illustrative of Stow's life xlviii-lxvii
Introduction: Letters to Stow lxviii-lxxiv
Introduction: Select dedications and epistles lxxiv-lxxxi
Introduction: Bibliography lxxxii-lxxxvi
Introduction: Manuscripts and collections lxxxvi-xciii
Corrigenda xciv
Title page of 1603 edition xcv
Epistle dedicatory xcvii-xcviii
The antiquitie of London 1-5
The wall about the Citie of London 5-10
Of the ancient and present rivers [etc] 11-19
The ditch sometimes compassing the wall of the same 19-20
Bridges of this Citie 21-27
Gates in the wall of this Citie 27-44
Of Towers and Castels 44-71
Of Schooles and other houses of learning 71-76
Houses of students of the common law 76-79
Of orders and customes of the Citizens 79-91
Sports and pastimes of old time 91-99
Watches in London 99-104
Honour of Citizens and worthines of men 104-117
The Citie of London divided into parts 117-120
Portsoken warde 120-129
Towerstreet warde 129-138
Ealdgate warde 138-150
Limestreete warde 150-163
Bishopsgate warde 163-175
Broadstreete warde 175-186
Cornehill warde 187-200
Langborne ward and Fenny about 200-205
Billinsgate warde 205-211
Bridgewarde within 211-216
Candlewicke streete warde 216-223
Walbrooke warde 223-229
Downegate warde 229-238
Vintrie warde 238-250
Cordwainer streete warde 250-258
Cheape warde 258-276
Colemanstreete warde 276-285
Bassings hall warde 285-290
Cripplegate warde 290-303
Aldersgate warde 303-310
Faringdon ward infra, or within 310-344
Bredstreete warde 344-352
Queene hith warde 1-11
Castle Baynard warde 11-20
The warde of Faringdon extra, or without 20-52
Bridge warde without [including Southwark] 52-69
The Suburbs without the walls 69-91
Liberties of the Dutchie of Lancaster without Temple Barre 91-97
The Citie of Westminster 97-124
Spirituall, or ecclesiasticall government 124-138
Parish Churches 138-143
Hospitals in this Citie and suburbs 143-145
Of Leprose people and Lazar houses 145-147
Temporall government 147-187
Aldermen, Maiors and Shiriffes 187-192
Liveries worne by Citizens at triumphs 193-195
An Apologie or defence of the Cittie of London 196-199
The singularities of London 199-217
Appendix: Libellum de situ et nobilitate Londini 218-229
Variations between the editions of 1598 and 1603 230-267
Notes: Volume 1, pp.1-100 269-283
Notes: Volume 1, pp.101-200 283-308
Notes: Volume 1, pp.201-300 308-339
Notes: Volume 1, pp.301-end 339-356
Notes: Volume 2, pp.1-100 356-374
Notes: Volume 2, pp.101-229 374-388
Addenda 388
Supplement to the Notes 389-397
Glossary 398-418
Index of persons 419-451
Index of places 452-467
Index of subjects 467-476
Addenda to Glossary 476