Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660

Edited by C H Firth and R S Rait. The full text of legislation passed into law during the Interregnum. Contains over 900 pieces of legislation. ranging from that concerning the trial and execution of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury to the regulation of trade in currants, and from the propagation of the Gospel in the New World to the draining of the Great Fen. Originally published in three volumes, it is here given together, along with a table of acts passed and a substantial introduction.

Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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Table of contents

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Introduction iii-xxxviii
Table of acts: 1642 i-iv
Table of acts: 1643 iv-xviii
Table of acts: 1644 xviii-xxx
Table of acts: 1645 xxx-xliii
Table of acts: 1646 xliii-l
Table of acts: 1647 l-lix
Table of acts: 1648 lix-lxvi
Table of acts: 1649 lxvi-lxxvi
Table of acts: 1650 lxxvi-lxxxii
Table of acts: 1651 lxxxii-lxxxvii
Table of acts: 1652 lxxxvii-xc
Table of acts: 1653 xc-xciv
Table of acts: 1654 xciv-c
Table of acts: 1655-6 c
Table of acts: 1657 ci-civ
Table of acts: 1659 civ-cvii
Table of acts: 1660 cvii-cix
March 1642: An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, for the Safety and Defence of the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales 1-5
March 1642: Ordinance for settling the Militia of London agreed to. 5-6
May 1642: The Ordinance for raising Men for Ireland. 6
June 1642: Ordinance of both Houses, for bringing in Plate, Money, and Horses. 6-9
June 1642: The Ordinance for the Sea Adventure to Ireland. 9-12
July 1642: Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to remain in his Command of the Fleet. 12
July 1642: Ordinance for raising 5000 Foot and 500 Horse for Ireland. 12-13
July 1642: The Ordinance for raising 2,000 Men for relieving Hull. 13-14
July 1642: The Parliaments' Commission to the Earl of Essex to be Captain-General of their Army. 14-16
August 1642: The Ordinance of Parliament, concerning the Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage. 16-20
August 1642: Sir Gilbert Gerrard appointed Treasurer of the Army. 20-22
August 1642: An Ordinance for the better observation of the monethly Fast. 22-24
August 1642: Ordinance for raising Money in London. 24-25
August 1642: An Ordinance Inhibiting the importation of Currans. 25-26
September 1642: Order for Stage-plays to cease. 26-27
September 1642: Ordinance appointing Commissioners of the Navy. 27-29
September 1642: Ordinance appointing Tho. Smith Secretary of the Admiralty. 29-30
September 1642: Order for putting the City of Worcester in a Posture of Defence. 30-31
October 1642: Order to raise Voluntiers for Munster. 32
October 1642: Declaration for the Justices of Ireland to assist the Committee sent there. 32-33
October 1642: An Ordinance for allowing and authorizing any of His Majesties good and loyal subjects in the Kingdom of England, to furnish with all maner of Warlike Provision... 33-36
October 1642: Ordinance for Maintenance to be given to the Wives and Children of those that are killed; and to maimed Soldiers. 36-37
November 1642: Order Concerning Apprentices that list themselves for Soldiers. 37
November 1642: Order for disciplining the Army. 37
November 1642: An Ordinance for the assessing of all such as have not contributed upon the Propositions of both Houses of Parliament, for the raising of Money, Plate, Horse, Horsemen, and Armes, for defence of the King... 38-40
November 1642: An Ordinance for explanation of a former Ordinance of the 29th day of November, 1642, for the assessing of all such as have not contributed, or have not contributed proportionably to their Estates. 40-41
November 1642: An Ordinance for the better Provision of Victuals and other necessaries for the Army, and for the payment and satisfaction to be made for such Provisions. 41-42
November 1642: An Ordinance for the speedy setting forth of certaine prevent the bringing over of Souldiers, Money, Ordnance, and other Ammunition from beyond the Sea, to assist the King, against the Parliament in England. 42-44
November 1642: Ordinance for repaying Money lent upon the Propositions. 45
November 1642: Ordinance for Assistance to Mr. Pickering negociating in Scotland. 45-46
December 1642: Assessment of London and Westminster. 46
December 1642: Order for taxing several Counties, for Support of the Army. 47
December 1642: An Ordinance Made for the better and more speedy execution, of the late Ordinance of the 29 Nov. 1642. 48-49
December 1642: An Ordinance for the Association of the Counties of Northampton, Leicester, Derby, Rutland, Nottingham, Huntingdon, Bedford, and Buckingham, for the mutuall defence one of another… 49-51
December 1642: Declaration for associating Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, etc. 51-52
December 1642: An Ordinance for the preservation of the Westerne parts of the Kingdome. 52-53
December 1642: Declaration to associate Staffordshire and Warwickshire, and for Lord Brook to command in Chief. 53-55
January 1643: Instructions for the Lords Lieutenants, Committees of Parliament and other Officers and Commanders, in the Counties of Warwick and Stafford, and Cities and Counties of Coventry, and Lichfeild. 55-58
January 1643: A Declaration and Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, for the Defence and Preservation of the Inhabitants within the County of Lincolne, and Peace and Quiet of the said County. 58-60
January 1643: Order for raising Forces within the County of Wilts. 60-61
January 1643: An Ordinance for the Assessing all men of ability within the Counties of Northampton, Leicester, Derby, Rutland, Nottingham, Huntingdon, Bedford, and Buckingham... 61-63
January 1643: Ordinance for Stopping the Coal Trade to Newcastle, etc. 63
January 1643: Order for assessing Persons in the County of Devon, to defray the Expences of the Army there. 64
January 1643: Order to pay Money to the Deputy Lieutenants of Devonshire. 65
January 1643: Ordinance against removing the Term to Oxford. 65-67
January 1643: Ordinance for Somersetshire Men to have their own Contribution-money already raised, for Maintenance of the Forces raised there. 67-68
January 1643: Ordinance to assess the Malignants in Somersetshire. 69-70
January 1643: An Ordinance for New Loans and Contributions as well from the United Provinces, as from England and Wales, for the speedy relief of the miserable and distressed estate of the Protestants in the Kingdom of Ireland. 70-73
February 1643: An Ordinance for the better raysing and levying of Marinors, Saylors, and others for the present guarding of the Seas, and necessary defence of the Realme and other His Majesties Dominions. 73-74
February 1643: Ordinance for raising Forces and Money in the County of Wilts. 74-76
February 1643: Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to command the Fleet. 76-77
February 1643: Order for assessing divers Persons in London, according to the Ordinance of 29 November. 77-79
February 1643: Ordinance to appoint Sir William Waller Serjeant Major General of the Forces in Gloucester and other adjacent Counties, and for paying his Army. 79-80
February 1643: An Ordinance exhorting all his Majestie's good subjects in the Kingdome of England, and Dominion of Wales, to the duty of Repentance, as the onely remedy for their present Calamities... 80-82
February 1643: Ordinance for sequestering the Profits of St. Margaret's, Lothbury. 82-83
February 1643: An Ordinance that no Wharfiner, Wood-monger, or other Seller of New-Castle Coales, within the Cities of London and Westminster, or the Suburbes thereof... 83-84
February 1643: Ordinance for Mr. Fiennes to raise a Regiment of Horse in Gloucestershire, &c., to seize Delinquents' Horses there. 84-85
February 1643: An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of Money for the maintenance of the Army Raised by the Parliament, And other great Affaires of the Commonwealth... 85-100
March 1643: Ordinance to explain some Things in the One for the Weekly Assessment. 100
March 1643: Order for Taunton to Muster Trained Bands and Voluntiers. 100-101
March 1643: An Ordinance for an Assessment to be made in the several Parishes of England, for the relief of maimed Soldiers Widows, and fatherless Children. 102-103
March 1643: An Ordinance and Declaration that the Lord Major and Citizens of the City of London, for the better securing and safety thereof...according to their discretion, to trench, stop, and fortifie all high-waies leading into the said City... 103-104
March 1643: Ordinance for allowing One Third Part of Prize Goods to the Captors. 104
March 1643: An Ordinance for repayment of 20000l. to the Commissioners of the Customes formerly lent by them for the Navy. 104-105
March 1643: An Ordinance for sequestring notorious Delinquents Estates. 106-117
March 1643: An Ordinance for the speedy raising of foure hundred and fifty pounds weekely in the County of Hertford, over and above their former Assessement, for the fortification and defence of the said County. 117-123
April 1643: Ordinance to provide Mariners for supplying the Navy. 123-124
April 1643: An Ordinance for raising Monies in the Isle of Wight, and to be imployed for the defence and safety of the said Island. 124
April 1643: An Ordinance for raising Forces for the defence of the County of Warwick, the Cities and County of Coventry, the County of Stafford, the City and County of Litchfield, and parts adjacent to the said Counties. 124-127
April 1643: An Ordinance for the Explanation of the Weekely Assessement in London. And that the City of London shall have the publike Faith of the Kingdonae, for the repayment of 24000li. for every 40000li. that shall be monethly collected… 128-129
April 1643: An Additionall Ordinance for sequestring Delinquents estates in Com. Devon. 129-130
April 1643: An Ordinance that the Committee for the Militia of London, shall have full power and authority to raise new Regiments of Voluntiers, as well within the said City and Liberties, as without. 130-131
April 1643: An Ordinance giving power and authority to the Major of Plymouth to supply the said Towne and parts adjacent, with Come, Victuall and Ammunition. 131-132
April 1643: An Ordinance giving power to the Bailiffs and Aldermen of the Towne of Yarmouth to set a rate upon the Inhabitants for maintenance of their Forts and Bulwarks. 132
April 1643: Ordinance to prevent the Judges, &c., from repairing to Oxford to keep the next Term there. 133-134
April 1643: Ordinance for Collections to be made for relief of Captives in Algiers. 134-135
April 1643: An Ordinance engaging the Publique Faith to such as shall lend either Horse, Men or Money, to be in the Army under the Command of Sir William Waller and Sir Arthur Hesilrig. 135
April 1643: An Ordinance for bringing in the monyes for sequestrations out of the County of Devon. 136-137
May 1643: An Ordinance concerning the Trained Bands of the Cities of London and Westminster, and the County of Middlesex, for their better appearance and execution of their their Captains or other Officers. 137-138
May 1643: An Ordinance for adding Commissioners for seising of Horses and Goods, and Chattels of Malignants. 138
May 1643: An Ordinance to suppresse all Riotous and disorderly persons in and above Meere, Shaftsbury, and Brome, Selwood in the County of Sommerset, Dorset, and Wilts. 139
May 1643: An Ordinance with the Names of the Knights and Gentlemen entrusted in every County to bring up a speedy Account of the Weekly Assessement, and to return the names of all such Persons as refuse to pay. 139-141