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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 35, 1666-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1935.

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Abbeville [Somme, France], troops from sent to coast, to obey admirals, 73.

Abbot, Capt., success with privateer Hopeful Providence, 141n.

Abreu de Freitas, Don Gaspar de, Abreo, Portuguese envoy to England:
-, arrival, 309; has first audience, sends to Mocenigo, 313.
-, calls on Mocenigo, 317; visit returned, 321; relations with commended, 331.
-, never mentioned king but only Don Pedro, 321.

Adelaer, Coert, Vice Admiral of Denmark:
-, sails from Texel, 29; to go to Holland to treat of Sound tolls, 332.

Admiralty Court:
-, ship condemned in, 1.

Adrianople, Turkey:
-, Draperis staying at, 43; Mamucca sent to, 55.
-, Winchelsea excused from going to, 44; relations of foreign ministers at, 160.
-, Gobbato's journey to and from, 221; Harvey speaks of expense of journey to, 235; merchants would not pay for, 235; proposed negotiations of Harvey at, 242, 244.
-, bishop of. See Brancaccio, Stefano.
-, Caimecam at, 43–4.

Aelst. See Alost.

Aersseus, Cornelis van, lord of Somerdijk, count of San Maldich, marquis of Somerdich:
-, offers assistance for levy in England and Holland, 208; affair of levy taken up with, 211.

-, English to have use of Spanish ports in, 119; Taffilet calls himself emperor of, 327.

agents. See ambassadors.

Aix la Chapelle [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire]:
-, Colbert brings coaches, etc., used at, 246; ceremonial practised at, 295.

Albemarle, Albeni, duke of. See Monk, George.

Alberti, Girolamo, secretary to Venetian embassy in England, 293.
-, at Mocenigo's entry, 274; presented to king and queen, 281; presented to duke and duchess of York, 282.
-, service at Rome under Quirini, 282; presses Arlington about Candia, 289.
-, sent to Molina about ceremonial, 291–3; sent to thank him, 292; Mocenigo cultivating friendly relations with Molina through, 296, 308, 325.
-, to go for decree of Council, 307.

Alburquerque, duke of. See Fernandez de la Cueva.

Alexander VII, pope:
-, health renders new election likely, 69n; Van Beuninghen suggests mediation by, 143.

Alexandretta, Scanderoon [Syria]:
-, English ships from, 191.

Alexius, Tsar of Russia, the Muscovite:
-, and the Polish election, 294, 299; Boreel's admiration for, 299.

Alfonso VI, king of Portugal, duke of Braganza, 65.
-, marriage of, 6n.
-, question of royal title, Spain's attitude to, 20, 47–8, 71, 104–5, 107; arguments of Sandwich about, 38–9, 48; Sandwich amazed at Spanish obstinacy about, 75.
-, Fanshaw's undertaking for, 65–6; English do not altogether disapprove of refusal of royal title to, 84–5.
-, Southwell supposed to have brought intentions of, 85; Sandwich says Charles tried to modify exalted ideas of, 95.
-, Spaniards suspect English of encouraging, 96; they want assurance that will stand by agreement, 108.
-, rejects compromise, insists on recognition as king, 111; Spaniards suspect that unable to consent to any proposal not supported by England, 112.
-, Spaniards complain of extravagant demands, 115; England asked to get advantageous terms for, 119.
-, Sandwich urges Spaniards not to take fright at attitude of, 122; Spaniards hope to induce Charles to constrain, 128.
-, Lisola wants to postpone accommodation till crown, assured to, 125.
-, Sandwich's interpretation of abandonment of, 128, 131; Spanish demands about, 135.
-, Embrun says English have not influence they pretend with, 129; French efforts to prevent adjustment with Spain, 138.
-, position with makes Spain desire accommodation, 140; difficulties in way, 163.
-, French proposal to force Spain to recognise, 142; said to be unable to break with France, 154; suspected agreement with France, 154, 162.
-, Charles to abandon if does not accept truce, 154, 190; given 6 months to accept truce, 162; much expected from disposition of, 164.
-, Sandwich sends to, to learn opinions, 167; reply received, insists on being treated as king, 179.
-, Spain wants Charles to induce to accept truce, 169; Spain gives way and agrees to treat as king, 186, 190.
-, bound to France by money paid to minister, 173; fear that France will win by money, 191.
-, Sandwich believes Spanish recognition will satisfy, 187; Sandwich demands Spanish recognition of kingship, 188.
-, doubt if Sandwich has sufficient powers from, 188–9; Spaniards want Sandwich to find out sentiments of, 190.
-, Godolphin to take full assurances to, 189; Sandwich proposed to go to treat in person with, 196.
-, will not listen to treaties of peace without France, 195–6; recently ratified treaty with France, 197; St. Romain to represent danger of breaking from France to, 201.
-, seems disposed to listen to English proposals, 199.
-, wife separated from, 199; wife asking for divorce from, 202.
-, shut up in palace, Don Pedro acting in name of, 202; Portuguese ambassador never mentions, 321.
-, Pedro means to take crown from, 202; Sandwich not going, because of deposition, 206; Sandwich greatly honoured by, 214.
-, Charles displeased at deposition of, 221.

Algiers [N. Africa]:
-, English and Dutch fleets may be going against, 221; complaints of, against Norwood, 249n; victory of Lazzaro Mocenigo over pirates of, 261n.
-, Allen makes treaty with, 327, 330; Howard may go on to, 330.
-, Pasha of: asks for Harvey to settle differences at Tangier, 249; dispute of, with Tangier, 264.

Allen, Sir Thomas:
-, reports capture of Dutch fleet from Sound, 64; capture of Ruby by, 82n, 96.
-, sails from Downs for Strait, 214n; makes treaty with Algerians, 327, 330.

almoner, the queen's. See Howard, Philip.

Alost, Aelst [Prov. E. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, evacuated by garrison and burned, because of plague, 249.

-, emperor sending troops to, 168.

Altemar. See Monk, George, duke of Albemarle.

Alviz (sic), Capt., reported victory over Dutch, 179.

ambassadors, agents, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries:
-, presents to, 20, 220.
-, required to obtain audience through Master of the Ceremonies, 238; do not send coaches to Mocenigo's entry because of Brahe affair, 274.
-, Molina makes trouble about ceremonial between, 291–3, 295; facilities for meeting privately in England, 293.
-, ceremonial at Aix la Chapelle, 295; no regular ceremonial with, in England, 308.
-, Charles curtails privileges of, 317; heavy costs of, prevent sending, 329.

-, names of:

Brandenburg, to England. See Brandt, Friedrich.

Brandenburg, to the Netherlands. See Blaspeil, Werner Wilhelm; Romswinckel, Matthias.

Danish, to France. See Gioe.

Danish, to the Netherlands. See Charisius, Peter; Klingenbergh, Paul.

Dutch, to Breda. See Beverning, Jerome van; Huybert, Pieter de; Jongestall, Allart Pieter.

Dutch, at Brussels. See Saasburg, Thomas.

Dutch, in England. See Boreel, Johan; Kinschot; Meerman, Johan.

Dutch, in France. See Beuningen, Conrad van.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Brosses, Francois de.

Dutch, in Spain. See Renswoude, Hendrick Reede van.

Dutch, in Sweden. See Ysbrants, Johan.

English, to Brandenburg. See Sylvius, Sir Gabriel.

English, to Breda. See Coventry, Henry; Holles, Denzil baron.

English, at Brussels. See Temple, Sir William.

English, in France. See Holles, Denzil baron; Jermyn, Henry, earl of St. Albans; Montagu, Ralph; Trevor, Sir John.

English, to Germany. See Taaf, Theobald, viscount Carlingford.

English, to Morocco. See Howard, Henry.

English, to the Porte. See Finch, Heneage, earl of Winchelsea; Harvey, Sir Daniel.

English, to Portugal. See Southwell, Sir Robert.

English, to Saxony. See Higgons, Sir Thomas.

English, in Spain. See Fanshaw, Sir Richard; Gascoign, Sir Bernard; Godolphin, William; Montagu, Edward, earl of Sandwich; Werden, John.

English, to Sweden. See Howard, Charles, earl of Carlisle.

English, in Tuscany. See Finch, John.

English, at Venice. See Feilding, Basil, earl of Denbigh.

Flanders to England. See Oñate, Marco; Velasco, Pedro de.

French, to England. See Bourbon, Henri de, duc de Verneuil; Colbert, Charles; Courtin, Honoré; Estrades, Geffroi comte d'; Massue, Henri de, marquis de Ruvigny; Roquelaire, Gaston Jean Baptiste, due de.

French, in Germany. See Gremonville, Jacques Brethel de.

French, in the Netherlands. See Estrades, Geffroi comte d'; Gigault, Bernardin, marquis de Bellefonds.

French, at the Porte. See Haye, Denis de la, sieur de Ventelet.

French, to Portugal. See Senevas, Melchior de Harod de, baron de St. Romain.

French, in Spain. See Aubusson, Georges d', de la Feuillade, archbishop of Embrun.

French, in Sweden. See Andilly, Arnaud d', Seigneur de Pomponne.

French, to the Swiss. See Rouillé sieur de.

Genoese, at the Porte. See Durazzo, Giovanni Augusto, marquis of.

Hamburg, in England. See Campe, Daniel vom; Ecghoff, Johan.

imperial, in England. See Lisola, Francis Paul, freiherr von.

imperial, in the Netherlands. See Friquet, John V.

imperial, at the Porte. See Casanova; Leslie, Walter, count.

imperial, in Spain. See Lisola, Francis Paul, freiherr von; Pötting, Eusebius, count.

papal nuncio, at Aix. See Franchiori, Agostino, archbishop of Trebizond.

papal nuncio, at Florence. See Brancaccio, Stefano, bishop of Adrianople; Trotti.

papal nuncio, in Spain. See Visconti, Vitalian, bishop of Monreale.

Portuguese, in England. See Abreu de Freitas, Don Gaspar de; Melo, Francesco de; Menezes, Ruy Telles de.

Portuguese, in France. See Rebello, Francesco Ferreira de.

Portuguese, in the Netherlands. See Melo, Francesco de.

Portuguese, in Spain. See Sousa de Tavares, Don Henrique, conde de Miranda.

Russian, in Spain. See Potemkin.

Spanish, in England. See Batteville; Mesia, Antonio Francesco conde de Molina.

Spanish, in France. See Tello de Guzman, Gaspar marquis la Fuente.

Spanish, in the Netherlands. See Gamarra, Estevan de.

Spanish, at Venice. See Teves y Cordova, Gaspar de.

Swedish, in England. See Brahe, Nicholas; Coyet, Peter; Dona, Christofle Delphique; Flemming, Juriaen; Leyonberg, John Barkeman.

Swedish, in France. See Hirschenstierna, Stephen Gambrotius; Konigsmarck, Otto William.

Swedish, in Germany. See Balbitski; Bjornclaw, Matthias.

Swedish, in the Netherlands. See Appelboom, Harald; Dona, Christofle Delphique.

Swiss, in the Netherlands. See Bonstetten, Louis de.

Tuscan, in England. See Anterminelli, Giovanni Salvetti.

Venetian, in England. See Alberti, Girolamo; Giustinian, Giovanni; Marchesini, Giovanni Francesco; Mocenigo, Piero.

Venetian, at Florence. See Vincenti, Antonio Maria.

Venetian, in France. See Giustinian, Marc Antonio.

Venetian, in Germany. See Bernardo, Alessandro; Cornaro, Giovanni.

Venetian, in the Netherlands. See Condulmier, Domenico; Marchesini, Giovanni Francesco.

Venetian, at the Porte. See Ballarino, Giovanni Battista.

Venetian, at Rome. See Alberti, Girolamo; Grimani, Antonio; Quirini, Giacomo.

Venetian, in Spain. See Belegno, Caterin; Rudio, Tomaso; Zorzi, Marin.

Ambrun. See Aubusson, Georges d', archbishop of Embrun.

Amelot, Sieur d', goes to England for levies, 194.

-, news from, 106.
-, success of French arms in, 127; French attracted by idea of expansion in, 130; French troops sail off, bound for, 138; French ships sent to, 300.
-, Dutch unwilling to give up islands, 141; appeal to arms in, inconsistent with Colbert's advances, 304; differences with France in, 312.
-, English and Dutch would recoup themselves from Spanish possessions in, 330.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands], 2, 61n.
-, despatch dated at, 316.
-, news from, 158, 324.
-, disturbance at, over arrest of prominent men, 67.
-, offers ships for fleet, 103; largest ships of proceed to Texel, 160.
-, Louis wishes to draw skilled men from foundries of, 111; ships building for French at ready, 139.
-, ship from, captured by Smith, 177n.
-, remittance from Venetian correspondent at, 222; Boreel about to sail for, 325.
-, Marchesini at, for Lunenburg troops, 298.

-, Admiral of, agrees to ships sailing for Muscovy, 37.

-, Admiralty of, five ships of, defeated by English, 124; States ask for 500,000 lire from, 141.

Ancona [Prov. Ancona, Italy]:
-, extracts from Gazette of, 157–8.

Andalusia, Spain, governor of. See Cerda, Antonio de, duke of Medina Celi.

Andilly, Arnaud d', seigneur de Pompone, Andeli, French ambassador in Sweden:
-, to find out ultimate intentions of Sweden, 24.

Anglesea, Anglise, earl of. See Annesley, Arthur.

Anguilla, Ganghille, W. Indies, French capture, 127.

Anhalt Zerbst, prince of. See John.

Anne, duchess of York: Manchester entertains at Waltham Abbey, 226n; Colbert had letters of queen mother for, 256.
-, Marchesini pays respects to, 226; Colbert received by, 250; Marchesini takes leave of, 254.
-, Mocenigo offered audience of, 256; congratulates him on arrival, 274; he pays respects to, 282.
-, leaves London for Audley End, 287n; foreign ministers meet in appartments of, 305.

Anne, widow of Louis XIII, queen mother of France, gift to Cicala, 268.

Annesley, Arthur, earl of Anglesea, Anglise, treasurer of the navy:
-, attends Mocenigo at public entry, 273; Mocenigo entertains at banquet, 275; shows Mocenigo where powder kept, 277.
-, Feilding a colleague of, 277; Mocenigo cannot treat Craven differently from, 280.
-, may support Venetian claims in Council, 277; promises to support memorial, 290.
-, Mocenigo stirs about succours, 289; speaks of fear of Turks taking revenge on Harvey, 298.
-, efforts for Clarendon's return, 313; king pressing inquiry against, 323.

Anterminelli, Giovanni Salvetti, Tuscan resident in England:
-, Mocenigo informs of arrival, 261.

Antigua, Antigho, Antigoa, W. Indies:
-, French capture, 106, 127.

Anthony Gunther, count of Oldenburg, count of Oldeburgh, death of, 173.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium]: 233, 239, 261.
-, despatches dated at, 232–3.
-, Munster stops money to credit of English at, 120.
-, Mocenigo reaches, 232; he leaves, 240; plague appears at, 241, 249.
-, letters not to be paid for at, 319.

-, bishop of. See Capello, Mario Ambrosio.

Appelboom, Harald, resident of Sweden at the Hague:
-, suggests resumptions of peace negotiations, 53, 57; informs Assembly of choice of Hague for congress, 137.

Apulia, Italy:
-, English ships going to, for oil, 143, 145.

Aragona, Don Pedro Antonio d', Viceroy of Naples:
-, sends squadrons to Levant by queen's order, 265, 296; Alberti thanks Molina for, 292.

Argyle, earl of. See Campbell Archibald.

Arlington, Arlinte, earl of. See Bennet, Henry.

-, countess of. See Nassau, Isabella de.

-, proposal to fetch troops from Tangier, 7; troops to be in readiness to repel landings, 36; only two regiments equipped, 158.
-, king increases numbers of guards, 86; enlistments for, 158; parliament insists on cutting down, king only keeps guards, 180.

Arundel, house of, readiness to serve Venice, 240.

-, earl of. See Howard, Henry; Howard, Henry Frederick.

Aschlein, Asshlein. See Ayscue.

Aubusson, Francois d', vicomte de la Feuillade, M. della Fogliada:
-, sent to Ruyter, to make a fuss, 73.

Aubusson, Georges d', de la Feuillade, archbiship of Embrun, Ambrun, French ambassador in Spain.
-, offers mediation with Portugal, 12.
-, has letters of Beaufort, 12; assures Spaniards of king's goodwill, 42.
-, congratulates Dutch ambassador on victory, 33; starts negotiations with Medina for alliance, 41–2; Council decides to be non-commital about, 42; asks for a junta to treat, 48.
-, report on Sandwich and own operations, 53, 57; triumphant at thwarting Sandwich, 67.
-, repeats offer of alliance, asked about powers, 54–5; Pötting exposes insincerity of proposals, 100.
-, Medina attaches no importance to proposals, 55; Sandwich criticises proposals to Medina, 58; reports assurances from Medina, 62.
-, reports peace between Spain and Portugal, 68, 70; tries to increase suspicion of English among the people, 115.
-, instructions to, to thwart Sandwich renewed, 71; fresh attempt to upset the negotiations, 108; Sandwich resents attention paid to, 120.
-, complains of Spanish treatment of France, 108; powers not yet presented, 116.
-, watching closely trade negotiations with England, 112; tries to upset treaty, 148.
-, decision to listen to proposals, but Junta refused to, 117; affects to deride Anglo-Spanish treaty, 129; rejoices at entanglement of negotiations, 136.
-, holding his peace and watching, 136; believes Louis will forestall Spaniards with Charles, 164.
-, fears that money passing from Flanders to England, 151.

audience of the king, must be obtained through Master of the Ceremonies, 238, 243.

Audley End, co. Essex:
-, King and Court leave London for, 287n; Court at, 305n.

Augsburg [Bavaria, German Empire]:
-, despatch dated at, 223.
-, accident to post of, 225; Mocenigo leaves, 232; courier of robbed, 261.

Augustus, Philip, duke of Holstein Sunderburg:
-, claim to Delmenhorst, 173.

Aumale, duchess of. See Marie.

-, duke of. See Charles Amadeus; Henry.

Austria, House of, Austrians:
-, Carlingford announces alliance with, 40; English and Swedes talk of alliance with, 45.
-, feebleness and irresolution of, 45; impotent and disarmed, 59; unable to make war or give succour, 62.
-, Embrun says Louis has no wish to offend, 53; Embrun asked if France desires alliance of, 55.
-, Sandwich offers to guarantee Flanders for, 57; proposed English alliance with, 99; Lisola suggests alliance with England, to protect Flanders, 125.
-, proposals for union with Dutch, 62; Dutch would accept minister of at congress, 138.
-, French fear co-operation with England about Portugal, 122; reported alliance with England, 133.
-, recognises northern war a protection for Flanders, 125; England influenced by, 144.
-, Sweden would not object to mediation of, 134; would rather be a party than a mediator, 136.
-, vigorous opposition to an accommodation, 134; will make great effort to appear at congress, 137.
-, arrangement with England to protect dominions of, 145; Dutch would like to see interests rendered safe, 155.
-, Lisola aims to get comprised in peace, 155; alliance with Sweden, 268.
-, Pötting points out dangerous position of, 169; ready to listen to accommodation, to make greater mischief, 210.

Avellaneda y Haro, Don Garcia de, conde de Castrillo, Castriglio:
-, refuses to sign assurances to Portugal, 189.

Avero, palace of, Sandwich living at, 214.

Ayscue, Aschlein, Asshlein, Sir George, admiral, captured in N. Foreland battle, 15–6, 23.